About Us

Here at Luscious Jewellery we offer quality one-off sterling silver pieces set with delectable, timeless gemstones sourced from exotic, world-wide locations such as the mountains and caves of South America, the lush rainforests of the Congo, Russian crevasses and beyond!

We also have a wide range of free-form and carved crystals from Rose quartz hearts and angels to Ammonite fossils from Madagascar and gorgeous Lapis Lazuli slabs sourced from Afghanistan.

Additional to our extensive, exotically sourced range of jewellery we offer a multitude of services such as

  • Personalised and friendly customer service
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Lay bys
  • Gift vouchers of any value
  • Free gift-wrapping
  • Postage Australia-wide

Like us on Facebook for exclusive discounts, deals and competitions! Post on our wall for personalised service, or send us a message with any enquiries you may have! We're open daily and we look forward to seeing you in store or online where you'll be able to feel and see our passion for these 'luscious' gemstones!